Choose your magic lamp and get a SUPER PROMOTION!

May 24th 2019


Choose one of the 3 magic lamps and check out what luckiness is hidden inside…

Remember that for the promotion to be valid, you must choose one of the 3 to see your corresponding offer. Plus, you can use the gift offer within 60 minutes.

Play now!

*The promotion ends on 5/24 at 23:59 (UTC+2).

Great news for the Bingo tournament!

May 23rd 2019

Now that you can play with your friends wherever you are, we want to give a prize to all Bingo players who bring their friends wherever they are.

That’s why today’s tournament will have 2 categories. The CLASSIC category, like always. The players who get the most chips in Bingo will win. And the MOBILE category, where the players who get the most chips by playing through the new Mundigames mobile app will win. 

Download the App

* If a player wins in two categories, the higher prize will be assigned to them. That way, their position in the lesser prize will be available for the user who was in the lower position in that game. 


What can you win?

Ranking CLASSIC:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place-10th place – 5 million chips

Ranking MOBILE:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place -10th place – 5 million chips

Good luck!


*The tournament starts on 5/23 at 00:00 and ends at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).
**The ranking will be updated hourly.

New game release: Doctor Electro

May 22nd 2019

Premiere! Doctor Electro is here! Try the new machine and help the Doctor with his experiments!

Collect 3 bulbs to get Hyperspins, while you expand the columns, or buy them.

Besides, gather the 3 bonus symbols and get free spins.

Load the machine with power and have 16,807 ways to win.

You can win more than ever before!

Today open for all, good luck!


*Available only in the new version of VideoSlots on the portal and Facebook.

Trialpay not available

May 22nd 2019

Dear users,

We inform that the TrialPay account ("free chips" in the payment tabs) will end its activities on May 31, 2019. Since its acquisition by Visa in 2015, TrialPay has become Visa Commerce Solutions and will focus on other products.

We are working to offer you an alternative as soon as possible.

Our team is at your disposal for any questions.

The Mundigames team

Scratch and Win!

May 21st 2019

Get your SUPER PROMOTION Scratch and Win by choosing the one you like best.

Choose one of the 3 and find out what's hidden ...

Play now!

* Promotion ends on 05/21 at 11:59 PM (UTC + 2).

Winners - Tombola Tournament!

May 21st 2019

1- soineny123
2- irene429
3- evitamee8866
4- ciircee
5- soniatdb

Express Tombola Tournament

May 20th 2019

How does it work?

The tournament will be active during 24 hours. The 5 players with more chips won in the Tombola will win an extra prize. Try your best!

In this link, you can see the 100 players with more chips won in the Tombola. See ranking 

What can you win?

1r winner – 50 million chips

2º winner – 30 million chips

3r winner – 15 million chips

4º winner – 5 million chips

5ª winner – 5 million chips

Good luck!


* The tournament will start May 20th at 12 AM and will finish at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).
* * Winners will be announced May 21st.

Winners - Countries Tournament

May 20th 2019

Winner: Spain

1- andahe
2- littus
3- sandunguerah
4- chiquinoly
5- daconda
6- patata21
7- gardenscapes
8- jhonstark85
9- soylaelegida
10- ouferrat12

Winners - Express 24-hour Tourney in 4 games!

May 20th 2019

1- misschum
2- bandit1717
3- morancais
4- karol6969
5- antoniazv
6- walves2000
7- erica1234amor
8- pauloo76479
9- claudioc22794
10- ottorinor46716

Express 24-hour Tourney in 4 games!

May 19th 2019

How does it work?

The tourney is going to award the 10 players who win the most chips in the following games: Parcheesi, Dominoes, Buraco and Belote. *

Plus you’ll be able to find out in real time what your position in the ranking is! Check it out and see what place you are!

See my ranking position

The prizes will be:

1st winner: 12 million chips

2nd winner: 6 million chips

3rd winner: 4 million chips

4th -10th winner: 2 million chips


*The ranking adds together the total of chips won in the 4 games.
**The tourney begins on 5/19 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+2). Winners will be awarded between 24-48 hours after the end of the tourney. Before publishing them, they will be reviewed and an exhaustive check will be performed. In case cheating is detected, the user will be removed from the tourney automatically.

Choose your favorite item for Mundi-vision

May 18th 2019

Get an exclusive promotion!

Get a promotion higher than you can find on the website.


*The promotion ends on 18/05 at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).

Countries Tournament!

May 17th 2019

This weekend we bring you a very special tournament ...

Enter your country! *

Collects chips in all games ** from the community and the TOP10 users from the winning country, will also receive an extra prize. ***

You'll be able to follow the tournament via this link: Live Ranking

What can you win?

1st classified - 80 million chips

2nd place - 50 million chips

3rd place - 30 million chips

4th-10th- 10 million chips

Good luck!


* All users participate with the country in which they are located.
** The tournament begins on 17/05  at 00:00 and ends on 18/05 at 23:59 hours (Spanish time).
*** Winners will be announced on 20/05.

Winners - VideoBingo’s Duel! – Amazon Legends vs Zodiac Empire

May 17th 2019


1- gostosa2532
2- luceromdr
3- numerito000
4- ministry123
5- econuba
6- agneser2
7- moon1111
8- 200754
9- clauda33
10- annars40209

1- vistoo
2- 48acida
3- bejar65
4- poupounne45
5- mistica20

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