Get 2,000 chips FREE and participate in the raffle

March 24th 2019

Get 2,000 free chips *, placing a bet in any game, and within two hours, the chips will be added automatically. Participate in the raffle!

Getting them is very easy!

As simple as that! We're waiting for you to play and to get to know the other players in our games!


* Registered users from 24 hours or more ago. You have 03/24  at 00:00 until 23:59 to get your gift (UTC + 1 hours).

Weekend’s SPECIAL raffle!

March 23rd 2019

We want today to be special, so we’re raffling 5 prizes.

How can you participate?

For each 1,000,000 chips that you bet on the community, you’ll receive 1 ticket** to take part in the raffle. There are no limits of tickets you can get to participate.

You can see the 100 users who have the most tickets on this link: See ranking

What are the prizes?

There’ll be 5 winners. Each one of them will win 20,000,000 chips!

Enjoy it to the fullest!


*The raffle starts on 3/23 at 00:00 and finishes on 3/24  at 11:59 pm (UTC+1). The winners will be announced on 3/25.
**Our internal system will assign 1 ticket for each 1,000,000 chips bet and the raffle will be carried out in accordance with the number of tickets that each player has.
***The tickets are symbolic and automatic. No physical tickets will be received.

Winners - Express 24-hour Tourney in 4 games!

March 22nd 2019

1- andahe
2- zino111
3- satanas13666
4- ercabor
5- bandit1717
6- dominiquem14030
7- nicolasn92252
8- paulom55349
9- emilymaria05
10- claudioc22794

Changes in BINGO

March 22nd 2019

From today, inactive Bingo * users will be disconnected from the Bingo room in which they are located.
The Mundijuegos team
* A user will be considered inactive when for 20 minutes he has not played any card, also if they have not used the minigames that are in the upper part of the Bingo on the right.

Mundi Friends!

March 21st 2019

Go to SEARCH FRIENDS and meet new users with whom you can share loads of fun in the community.

Try it totally FOR FREE!*

More news coming soon!

We hope you like it!

The staff of Mundigames

*There’s a limit of 20 new daily suggestions per user.

Express 24-hour Tourney in 4 games!

March 21st 2019

How does it work?

The tourney is going to award the 10 players who win the most chips in the following games: Parcheesi, Dominoes, Buraco and Belote. *

Plus you’ll be able to find out in real time what your position in the ranking is! Check it out and see what place you are!

See my ranking position

The prizes will be:

1st winner: 12 million chips

2nd winner: 6 million chips

3rd winner: 4 million chips

4th -10th winner: 2 million chips


*The ranking adds together the total of chips won in the 4 games.
*The tourney begins on 10/7 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+2). Winners will be awarded between 24-48 hours after the end of the tourney. Before publishing them, they will be reviewed and an exhaustive check will be performed. In case cheating is detected, the user will be removed from the tourney automatically.

All Slots games open

March 20th 2019

You're in luck today! Today we're opening up all Videoslots and Akamon Slots (Facebook or mobile) to you so you can play on whichever you prefer.


New Android version for Akamon Slots!

March 20th 2019

New styles and many other surprises...

And you can also play Isla Rapa Nui! Ready to play?

Play now

Get 10 free club days with your first purchase!

March 19th 2019

Today in your first purchase, apart from obtaining  a promotion in chips, you will also get 10 free club days. And if you are already in the club, accumulate them.

Enjoy your promotion and the advantages of the club!

Multiply your fun!


* Promotion valid from 03/19 at 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC + 1).

Winners - BINGO Tournament!

March 19th 2019

1- lokina2
2- africarey
3- venus29200
4- tututrillo1
1- retrovintage
2- aadarthya
3- a280682
4- anmaria58
5- terapeuta75
6- felipeluis2
7- shofia1
8- concyf38916
1- terinha3
2- alicantina227
3- xiscom1
4- mel552
5- rmundia1
6- rosangelal44223
7- xarcykex
8- marisamiguelett
9- chiquinoly
10- aurelie1985

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