Celebrate the 1st year of the new App with us

May 28th 2020

We’re celebrating!
Our huge project of moving all of the Mundigames games to an App just finished its first year.
We’ll keep working hard to bring over all of the games, and not just bring them over, but also improve them and improve the App. You all deserve it!

To celebrate it this week, you can have fun with the anniversary roulette. After every purchase you make, you’ll get one free spin on the roulette table.

Don’t miss it! With this roulette, you’ll get many more chips than your regular promotion.

Update the App or download it here.
And if you can’t download it with this link, go into your Play Store or Apple Store (iPhone) on your mobile device, search for Mundigames and download it easily.

And remember, the values on the roulette table change based on your purchase. The higher your purchase, the better your reward will be

Winners - Videoslots tournament!

May 27th 2020


1 - mecawey
2 - dioni67
3 - elilucionista1
4 - culpadasouamada
5 - meirande
6 - dany49670
7 - finola
8 - tiramisu51
9 - edubetis5
10 - melaf4393


1 - shirleyrekata
2 - irunberri6
3 - jennydemon
4 - ptitsecret
5 - jorge5658
6 - solcys0
7 - lavinia72
8 - cascaveldura
9 - bedrozas
10 - giuliam6293

Videoslots tournament!

May 26th 2020

Participate by accumulating chips on all VideoSlots or Akamon Slots machines!

Today’s tournament will have 2 categories. The CLASSIC category, like always. The players who get the most chips in Bingo will win. And the MOBILE category, where the players who get the most chips by playing through the new Mundigames mobile app will win.

Download the App

* If a player wins in two categories, the higher prize will be assigned to them. That way, their position in the lesser prize will be available for the user who was in the lower position in that game.

In this link, you can see the 100 players with more chips won in the Videobingo: See ranking

What can you win?

Ranking CLASSIC:

1st place – 50 million chips 
2nd place – 25 million chips
3rd place – 10 million chips
4th place-10th place – 5 million chips 

Ranking MOBILE:
1st place – 50 million chips
2nd place – 25 million chips
3rd place – 10 million chips
4th place -10th place – 5 million chips

Good luck!

 *The tournament will start May 26th at 12 AM and will finish at 11:59 PM (UTC+2). ** Winners will be announced May 27th.

Let's celebrate this day in style!

May 25th 2020

Only the most smart ones will be able to fulfill these missions and unlock the prizes that are prepared. More than 2 million coins!

How can you participate?

Win 50 million chips in VideoSlots or Akamon Slots (Facebook / mobile) and get 1,500,000 EXTRA chips!
Win 3 bingo games in a 50.000 room and get 200,000 free chips.
Win 10 million chips in VideoBingo ** and get 500,000 extra chips.

And only for the players that are part of the CLUB *:

- Win a game in Domino, Parcheesi, Belote or Buraco and get 50,000 EXTRA chips! This is your chance!  

* You must be part of the CLUB before completing the mission.

Demonstrate who is the one who knows the community best!


* Rooms of 50,000 chips or more.
** Sum of accumulated chips in any VideoBingo.
*** The missions begin on 05/25 at 00:00 and end at 23:59 (UTC + 2 hours). The prizes will be added during the next two hours to complete the mission.

Winners - Weekend’s SPECIAL raffle!

May 25th 2020

- moon1111

- fralc 

- m1p2d3 

- nenitafeotah 

- angelprimerook

Weekend’s SPECIAL raffle!

May 23rd 2020

We want today to be special, so we’re raffling 5 prizes.

How can you participate?

For each 1,000,000 chips that you bet on the community, you’ll receive 1 ticket** to take part in the raffle. There are no limits of tickets you can get to participate.

You can see the 100 users who have the most tickets on this link: See ranking

What are the prizes?

There’ll be 5 winners. Each one of them will win 20,000,000 chips!

Enjoy it to the fullest!


*The raffle starts on May 23rd  at 00:00 and finishes on May 24th  at 11:59 pm (UTC+2). The winners will be announced on Mar 25th.
**Our internal system will assign 1 ticket for each 1,000,000 chips bet and the raffle will be carried out in accordance with the number of tickets that each player has.
***The tickets are symbolic and automatic. No physical tickets will be received.

Winners - 24 HOURS non stop BINGO!

May 22nd 2020

1 - 25lola2
2 - fermineta70
3 - mariam79612
4 - sacira2
5 - 69torera69
6 - lucecita0000
7 - tiramisu51
8 - userf1
9 - zhulma
10 - butifarro556

24 HOURS non stop BINGO!

May 21st 2020

Today is a great day for you,  BINGO expert, because you will be able to show who is the best.
With this in mind a tournament is active for BINGO in which you can participate. Bring us you´re best performance!

Who will win this marathon in the BINGO?
Those players who accumulate the maximum amount of chips in BINGO!


What can you win?

1st place – 70 million chips
2nd place – 40 million chips
3rd place – 20 million chips
4th place-10th place – 5 million chips

Good luck!


Download the App

*The tournament starts on 05/21 at 00:00 and ends at 11:59 PM (UTC+1).
**The ranking will be updated hourly.

Winners - SPECIAL tournament Men vs Women

May 21st 2020

1 - shirleyrekata
2 - alinson20
3 - 00tozzi
4 - jeaninef83787
5 - jennydemon
6 - vacadoble
7 - irunberri6
8 - maurafatima
9 - lavinia72
10 - michicaveneno65

SPECIAL tournament Men vs Women

May 20th 2020

Tournament in all games men vs women!

Who will be the winner? We are going to reward the 10 best boys or 10 best girls that win the most chips in all games.

What can you win?

1st classified - 80 million coins

2nd place - 50 million coins

3rd place - 30 million coins

4º-10º classified - 10 million coins each

You can follow the tournament live at this link: SEE RANKING

Let the competition begin!


* The tournament starts on 5/20 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC + 2). The winners will be announced on 5/21.
** The ranking will be updated every hour.

Find the treasure!

May 19th 2020

Help our explorer!

Choose the path she must take to find the treasure! If you can find it, you’ll get an exclusive promotion! Available all day!

I want to help!

*Promotion available on May 19th from 00:00 to 11:59 pm (UTC+2  time zone).

The Mundigames App is turning one year old!

May 18th 2020

During the whole week we’ll be celebrating Mundi Anniversary! And as there is no anniversary without gifts, we will choose a comment on the Google Play or Apple store every day from one lucky user who will receive 2 million chips as a gift!

Let the party begin!

** The event will be available from May 18th at 00:00 until May 24th at 11:59 pm (UTC+2). The chips will be added to a player every day

Weekend Winners

May 18th 2020


1 - tud16
2 - jeaninef83787
3 - inma2714
4 - jennydemon
5 - biscui2
6 - eufrasialavizca
7 - melaf4393
8 - antra3
9 - pelirrojas1
10 - miamoryano


1 - tequileirah
2 - 1fortuna
3 - booba33
4 - silvanabanida
5 - wilson1985231
6 - toly2331
7 - -x-djokerx-d-
8 - demoliidor171
9 - edwin42709
10 - lennon01

Poker tournament for the entire day

May 17th 2020

Participate in the Texas holdem poker tournament in your community. You’ll get a prize if you place in the top ten in terms of accumulating chips in the tournament.


1st place – 20 million chips

2nd place – 10 million chips

3rd place – 5 million chips

4th-10th place – 2 million chips

Bluff your way through and beat your rivals. Will your strategy win out?

Play now

*The tournament starts on 5/17 at 00:00 and ends at 11:59 PM (UTC+2). Winners will be announced on 5/18.

VideoBingo tournament

May 16th 2020

The tournament will be active during 24 hours.*

The 10 players with more chips won in the VideoBingo will win an extra prize.** Try your best!

In this link, you can see the 100 players with more chips won in the Videobingo.

See ranking

What can you win?

1r winner – 50 million chips

2º winner – 30 million chips

3r winner – 15 million chips

4º winner – 8 million chips

5ª winner – 3 million chips

Good luck!


*The tournament will start May 16th at 12 AM and will finish at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).
** Winners will be announced May 18th

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