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September 10th 2019

Choose your favourite and see what awaits you…

Remember: In order for the promotion to be valid, you must choose one of the 3 to see the corresponding offer. Also, you can use the gift offer within the next 60 minutes.

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* The promotion ends on 09/10 at 23:59 (UTC + 2 hours).

Winners - Weekend’s SPECIAL raffle!

September 9th 2019

  1. lolixxx111
  2. ghostface71
  3. clauda33
  4. pebandicoot
  5. estibruji

Back to school Sales

September 9th 2019

Change your look for the back to school!
All the full costumes are already 25% deducted!
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*Discount already applied to all articles.

Get 2,000 chips FREE and participate in the raffle!

September 8th 2019

Get 2,000 free chips *, placing a bet in any game, and within two hours, the chips will be added automatically. Participate in the raffle!

Getting them is very easy!

As simple as that! We're waiting for you to play and to get to know the other players in our games!

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* Registered users from 24 hours or more ago. You have  Sep 8th  at 00:00 until 23:59 to get your gift (UTC + 2 hours).

Weekend’s SPECIAL raffle!

September 7th 2019

We want today to be special, so we’re raffling 5 prizes.

How can you participate?

For each 1,000,000 chips that you bet on the community, you’ll receive 1 ticket** to take part in the raffle. There are no limits of tickets you can get to participate.

You can see the 100 users who have the most tickets on this link: See ranking

What are the prizes?

There’ll be 5 winners. Each one of them will win 20,000,000 chips!

Enjoy it to the fullest!


*The raffle starts on Sep 7th  at 00:00 and finishes on Sep 8th  at 11:59 pm (UTC+2). The winners will be announced on Sep 9th.
**Our internal system will assign 1 ticket for each 1,000,000 chips bet and the raffle will be carried out in accordance with the number of tickets that each player has.
***The tickets are symbolic and automatic. No physical tickets will be received.

Scratch and Win!

September 6th 2019

Get your SUPER PROMOTION! Scratch and Win by choosing the one you like best.

Choose one of the 3 and find out what's hidden ...

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* Promotion ends on 09/06 at 11:59 PM (UTC + 2).

New game release: Joker Supreme

September 5th 2019

Premiere! Joker Supreme is here! Try the new machine and catch the Joker. Because classics never die.
Try your luck and discover wild multiplier symbols and bonus symbols. Also, buy the hyperbonus and add up stars to get extra bonus spins.
Today open for all.
Good luck!

WINNERS - Great news for the Bingo tournament!

September 5th 2019

  1. lorenamagallane
  2. lilianepaixao
  3. ivan4ever
  4. cantamosbingo
  5. extremoduro1488
  6. dudalinda321
  7. lucifer4138
  8. delfin41
  9. andaluza47
  10. dulcesdeseos
  1. picabote
  2. 65carlita
  3. ibicenca224
  4. domi336
  5. michicaveneno65
  6. amapola421
  7. anavictoria6969
  8. volvoreta50
  9. betyboop31
  10. carolldiosa

Great news for the Bingo tournament!

September 4th 2019

Now that you can play with your friends wherever you are, we want to give a prize to all Bingo players who bring their friends wherever they are.

That’s why today’s tournament will have 2 categories. The CLASSIC category, like always. The players who get the most chips in Bingo will win. And the MOBILE category, where the players who get the most chips by playing through the new Mundigames mobile app will win. 

Download the App

* If a player wins in two categories, the higher prize will be assigned to them. That way, their position in the lesser prize will be available for the user who was in the lower position in that game. 


What can you win?

Ranking CLASSIC:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place-10th place – 5 million chips

Ranking MOBILE:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place -10th place – 5 million chips

Good luck!


*The tournament starts on 09/04 at 00:00 and ends at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).
**The ranking will be updated hourly.

Winners - Top chip winners Tournament!

September 4th 2019

1 - virginiafr30006
2 - rominaromana
3 - robertogarci280
4 - lavinia72
5 - comelapas78
6 - giselatodoni
7 - fabio69feso
8 - isadora69210
9 - verogise
10 - latopillo

SUPER PROMOTION! Being quick has a reward

September 3rd 2019

Being quick on this special day has a reward…don’t let it pass by, the faster you are, the more discounts you’ll have.*

In the place of the current promotion.

From 00:00 to 12:59 am you’ll get 1310% in chips. We’ve gone totally crazy!

From 1 pm to 5:59 pm you’ll have 1308% in chips and from 6 pm to 11:59 pm, you’ll get 1306% in chips.

Hurry before these incredible discounts are over!

Buy now

*All the times are UTC+2 zone.

Top chip winners Tournament!

September 2nd 2019

Accumulate chips in all games** of the community win up to 80 million chips!

You can follow the tournament on this link: Live Ranking

What are the prizes?

1st position – 80 million chips

2nd position – 50 million chips

3rd position – 30 million chips

4th to 10th positions – 10 million chips

Good luck!


*The tournament starts on  Sep 02nd  at 00:00 and finishes at 11:59 pm (UTC+2).
**The winners will be announced on Sep 03rd

Winners - Tournament in Blackjack!

September 2nd 2019

Ranking MOBILE

  1. engjoseph91
  2. artista211
  3. marioicade1
  4. luvnjoc
  5. amas50
  6. jennydemon
  7. gil123776
  8. poupounne45
  9. 100004141746519
  10. diana2x


  1. blavk
  2. nikita750
  3. sweetjane04
  4. clauda33
  5. juanillo636
  6. loulou11100
  7. charles1951
  8. vidalita2
  9. caldu53
  10. gaellea13

Winners - Tournament in Chinchon!

September 2nd 2019

  1. brucelindo
  2. pauloo76479
  3. kuki2003
  4. xogadorx
  5. parlense1
  6. vialactea2022
  7. beatriz2293
  8. tamburas67
  9. angelsasha
  10. gresadas0

Tournament in Chinchon!

September 1st 2019

Today we have prepared a tournament in which we will distribute 10 prizes.

The tournament will reward the 10 players who win the most coins in Chinchon.

1st prize - 10 million coins

2nd prize - 7 million coins

3rd prize - 4 million coins

4th prize - 2 million coins

5th prize for 10th prize - 1 million coins for each of them

In addition, you will also be able to know in which position of the ranking you are live: Live ranking

I want to PLAY NOW!

* The tournament starts on 09/01 at 00:00 and ends at 11:59 p.m. (Spanish time, UTC + 2). The winners will be awarded between 24 and 48 hours after the end of the tournament. Before publishing them, they will be reviewed and a thorough check will be made. In the case of cheating, the user will be automatically eliminated from the tournament.

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