Champions promotion!

June 1st 2019

Have fun by making a goal!

Try your luck by playing soccer, and if you manage to make at least one goal, you’ll receive an exclusive promotion. Will you be one of them?

Try your skills and take your shot!


*Exclusive promotion on 06/01 from 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC+2).

Megashowdown in BINGO!

May 31st 2019

Do you wanna break a record with us?

Come to this Megashowdown: Play a match in BINGO* and get 2,000 FREE CHIPS!**


*Valid for users registered 24 hours ago or before. You have until 11:59 pm (UTC+2) to collect your gift.
**The chips will be received in the next two hours after playing a match.

SOLVED - Issues related to purchases on the Apps

May 31st 2019

/10:00/  Due to technical issues, chip purchases on the Apps have been disabled. We are working on having them available again as soon as possible. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.

New game release: Machina

May 30th 2019

Face the different rolls of each spin and get the various jackpots.

The more bonus symbols you get, the more free spins you’ll have. Besides, collect microchips to get an extra spin.

Machina offers up to 46,656 combinations to win.

Today open for all

Come and play it!


*Available only in the new version of VideoSlots on the portal and Facebook.

Winners - VideoBingo’s Duel!

May 29th 2019


1- maaanu03
2- markomorten
3- iona2602
4- gabriel15100
5- rosaf90954
6- 0000calamar0000
7- dani210764
8- helberth5
9- hyanyuri2003
10- codeine

1- m1p2d3
2- tuttifresa
3- ganoymevoy3
4- paulafreitas509
5- agustinf35386

Incredible Promotion. Don’t miss it!

May 29th 2019

Today not only do we bring you this super offer on the website, but also we want you to remember that now you can get many more chips if you buy using the 1300% launch offer on our mobile app.
And remember, with the mobile app you can play with your friends wherever you may be.

Multiply your fun!


Download the app and enjoy its advantages

*Promotion valid on 5/29 from midnight to 11:59 PM (UTC+2).

VideoBingo’s Duel!

May 28th 2019

Participate in this videobingo’s duel by choosing your favorite videobingo – Flying Pigs or Funny Creatures – and earn as many chips as you can. Which videobingo will win?

How does the battle work?

We’re giving prizes to the 10 players who earn the most chips from the winning videobingo and to the top 5 players for the losing videobingo.

You’ll also be able to tell your position in the rankings at any time.

You can follow how the battle is going by click here**: Duel ranking

What can you win?

For the winning videbingo:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place – 8 million chips

5th-10º place – 5 million chips

For the losing videobingo

1st-5st place– 2 million chips

Good luck!

Make your favorite VideoBingo win!


*The tourney starts on 28/05 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+1). Winners will be announced on 29/05.
** Rankings will update every hour.

Can you whack these tricky moles?

May 27th 2019

Have fun whacking the moles!

Take a chance by playing whack-a-mole, and if you manage to catch at least 7, you’ll get an exclusive promotion. Will you be one of them?

Put your skills to the test and whack these little rascals!


*Exclusive promotion from 5/27 at 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC+2).

Akamon Slots gifts on Facebook are limited

May 27th 2019

Dear players,

As of May 27, gifts received from the Akamon Slots Facebook application will be limited to 30 per day.


The Mundigames team

Winners - Tournament in Chinchon!

May 27th 2019

1- graclob
2- pataky33
3- pseijo21
4- dapraia07
5- conchitta1960
6- chatungaha
7- daloin
8- chviktors
9- grao11111
10- melen68

Tournament in Chinchon!

May 26th 2019

Today we have prepared a tournament in which we will distribute 10 prizes.

The tournament will reward the 10 players who win the most coins in Chinchon.

1st prize - 10 million coins

2nd prize - 7 million coins

3rd prize - 4 million coins

4th prize - 2 million coins

5th prize for 10th prize - 1 million coins for each of them

In addition, you will also be able to know in which position of the ranking you are live: Live ranking

I want to PLAY NOW!

* The tournament starts on 05/26 at 12:00 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. (Spanish time, UTC + 2). The winners will be awarded between 24 and 48 hours after the end of the tournament. Before publishing them, they will be reviewed and a thorough check will be made. In the case of cheating, the user will be automatically eliminated from the tournament.

Let's celebrate this day in style!

May 25th 2019

Only the most smart ones will be able to fulfill these missions and unlock the prizes that are prepared. More than 2 million coins!

How can you participate?

Win 50 million chips in VideoSlots or Akamon Slots (Facebook / mobile) and get 1,500,000 EXTRA chips!
Win 3 bingo games in a 50.000 room and get 200,000 free chips.
Win 10 million chips in VideoBingo ** and get 500,000 extra chips.

And only for the players that are part of the CLUB *:

- Win a game in Domino, Parcheesi, Belote or Buraco and get 50,000 EXTRA chips! This is your chance!  

* You must be part of the CLUB before completing the mission.

Demonstrate who is the one who knows the community best!


* Rooms of 50,000 chips or more.
** Sum of accumulated chips in any VideoBingo.
*** The missions begin on 05/25 at 00:00 and end at 23:59 (UTC + 2 hours). The prizes will be added during the next two hours to complete the mission.

Choose your magic lamp and get a SUPER PROMOTION!

May 24th 2019


Choose one of the 3 magic lamps and check out what luckiness is hidden inside…

Remember that for the promotion to be valid, you must choose one of the 3 to see your corresponding offer. Plus, you can use the gift offer within 60 minutes.

Play now!

*The promotion ends on 5/24 at 23:59 (UTC+2).

Winners - Great news for the Bingo tournament!

May 24th 2019

1- jessicaathaide
2- juanmanuel574
3- lorovwa
4- levoacumulado
5- recmundi
6- sozinhafeliz
7- dacazu
8- prety2222
9- kellycabral900
10- artika6

1- mimitos41
2- giselatodoni
3- mayteena
4- volvoreta50
5- danadinha127
6- kandoo1
7- valeriagonzale2
8- nahim1234
9- kila8
10- fionasexi

Great news for the Bingo tournament!

May 23rd 2019

Now that you can play with your friends wherever you are, we want to give a prize to all Bingo players who bring their friends wherever they are.

That’s why today’s tournament will have 2 categories. The CLASSIC category, like always. The players who get the most chips in Bingo will win. And the MOBILE category, where the players who get the most chips by playing through the new Mundigames mobile app will win. 

Download the App

* If a player wins in two categories, the higher prize will be assigned to them. That way, their position in the lesser prize will be available for the user who was in the lower position in that game. 


What can you win?

Ranking CLASSIC:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place-10th place – 5 million chips

Ranking MOBILE:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place -10th place – 5 million chips

Good luck!


*The tournament starts on 5/23 at 00:00 and ends at 11:59 PM (UTC+2).
**The ranking will be updated hourly.

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