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Rules of Xwords

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Aim of the game

Xwords is a board game, similar to Scrabble, for 2 to 4 players or pairs.

The object of the game is to make words using your letters, and the letters already on the board to get more points than the rest of the players.


Playing requires a board of 15 x 15 squares. There are various types of squares:

  • Normal: these squares don’t change the value of letters or words.
  • Double letter score: the letters that you put on thus square are doubled (24 light blue squares).
  • Triple letter score: the letters that you put on this square triple in value (12 dark blue squares).
  • Double word score: doubles the value of the word (17 orange squares).
  • Triple word score: triples the value of the word (8 red squares).


There are a total of 100 tiles, each with a letter and a score.

  • 0 points: 2 blank tiles
  • 1 point: E×12, A×9, I×9, O×8, N×6, R×6, T×6, L×4, S×4, U×4
  • 2 points: D×4, G×3
  • 3 points: B×2, C×2, M×2, P×2
  • 4 points: F×2, H×2, V×2, W×2, Y×2
  • 5 points: K×1
  • 8 points: J×1, X×1
  • 10 points: Q×1, Z×1

The blank tiles are wild. They have no value, but can subtitute any letter. When a player uses a wild to represent a letter, this appears in red on the board.

How to play Xwords

Players turns rotate anti-clockwise.

Once 7 letras are dealt to each player, a player is randomly chosen to start. they must put down thier first word using the centre square. being a double word score, the first word is always worth double.

The words must always be placed so that they are read left to right or top to bottom, never diagonal, and they must be a minimum of 2 letters.

In turn, each player must create one or more words using at least one of the letters on the board. All the words formed must be valid. If you can’t ake a word in the set time, the player loses their turn.

Note: to check if a word is valid, you can enter it in the text field at the bottom of the page.

If in one turn, you make more than one word, the points are added separately for each word.

  • If using the letter and words multipliers, the letters are added first, then the word multiplied.
  • Multipliers ca’t be used oce they’ve already bee used in a previous move.
  • If two words are made on the same multiplier, it affects both words separately.
  • If one word is on two multipliers, the score is multiplied by both of them.
Exchange letters.
A player can change his letters for others in exchange for losing their turn (provided there are letters in the sack). See “Controls” below.

End of game

The game ends when there are no letters left in the sack and...

  • ...a player has no more letters.
  • ...all the players pass twice.

When the game ends, all the players subtract the points of the letters they have remaining. If a player has no letters left, he adds the score of the letters that the others have left.

The player with most points at the final count wins. As a tiebreaker, do not add or subtract the value of the letters remaining.

Game controls

There are 2 ways to place words on the board:

Quick mode

It’s the simplest and quickest way to put words on the board.

  1. Use the text field at the bottom of the screen to write words and validate them. If the word is correct, it’s indicated with a green valid sign
  2. Press the button Place or the Enter ↵ key to put the word on the board (If possible).
  3. All the possible places the word can go on the board are shown.
    1. Choose the final position with the mouse.
    2. Push the Control key or the direction arrows to change position. Press Enter ↵ to accept the position.

Letter by letter

  • Drag a letter to put it on the board. If you drag it between the other letters, you can order them as you please.
  • When you have the desired word on the board, press Accept to complete your turn.

Other buttons

Exchange letters. Allow substitution of one or more letters on your stand and miss a turn.
It is possible to change letters without missing the turn in exchange for some amount of chips. To do it, select the proper option in the dialogue of changing letters. The more you use this option, the more chips will cost.
Shuffle letters. Randomly mix the letters.
Undo Return all the letters you’ve placed on the board in this turn.

Why do robots play? What for?


In some games, when a player loses connection during the game, a robot substitutes until the player can return. The player has a time allowed of some minutes to return to the game and continue playing.

End the game amicably (cancel game)

Some games have the option of ending the game amicably. If this happens, the game is cancelled. That is, the players don’t receive or lose points and the game doesn’t count in the leaderboards or statistics. What’s more, the chips bet are returned to each player (except in the case of penalisation for abandoning the game).

To cancel a game, one of the players must click the following button . All the players must agree to end the game, otherwise the game will continue.

The robot doesn’t count in the votes to end a game amicably.

Table options

The table options are chosen by the master (the first player to sit at the table and that has a star estrella beside his/her avatar).

To see or change the table options, press the following button opciones . The table options can be changed before starting a game or in the middle of the games. If the icon is changed to red, that means the master changed some of the options.

Time per turn
Used to indicate the time a player has to play on his/her turn. If the time ends, the game plays for him/her. See also: Game in automatic mode
Compete for points and chips.
Permits playing competitive games. Deactivate this option to practise (you will not score points or win chips, nor will you get badges or level up).
Bet per game:
Indicate the amount of game chips you will bet in the game. The winner takes the pot. See also: What are the game chips? How can I get them?
Private table.
If this option is active, only invited players or friends can sit in. See also: How to invite other players to play at your table.
Spectators allowed.
Other people can enter the table to watch the game and chat. See also: Watchers during the games
Classic mode.
The “quick mode” of the game can’t be used when this option is activated.

Ranking for points

To take part in the leaderboard of this game, it is necessary to be registered and have chips enough to meet the bets.

To score points, the games have to be competitive (indicated by a boxing glove or swords). There is no scoring if 2 players at the table share the same IP.

If at one table game chips are being bet, you will need to have sufficient chips available to cover the bet. The winner of the game will get the XP points and the chips bet (the bank will receive 25% of the pot).

The experience points (XP) got depend on the number of players and they are calculated 10×number of players.

  • 2 players: 20 XP points
  • 3 players: 30 XP points
  • In pairs: 20 points for each

The players that lose a game, add 5 points. If the game is ended amicably, each player gets back their chips bet.

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