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Game rules

Xquare is the online version of a paper and pencil game, that is played over a squared sheet of paper.

The aim of the game is to get more squares of your color than your opponent.


Game play

On their turn, each player must place a line over the grid (one of the sides of a square). If a player can close a square, he/she will score some points and will have the turn again. The square completed will appear filled with its color (blue or red).

The game ends if...

  • The game finishes when no players can reach another one on the scoring. Except if there is still a “car” or a “rabbit” on the board (see below)
  • There are not free squares anymore.

Special squares

Some squares have special features and they are indicated with the following icons:

-1 Subtracts 1 point from the scoreboard of the player who fills this square.
+2 Adds 2 points to the scoreboard.
+3 Adds 2 points to the scoreboard.
Car symbol The toy car randomly removes 2 complete lines of squares. The player takes the turn again.
Rabbit symbol The toy rabbit moves randomly along the board removing squares. The player takes the turn again.
Bomb symbol The bomb removes all the squares around that square (9 in total). The player takes turn again.
Miss-turn symbol The player misses the turn if he/she fills this square.


Click on the interface with the left button of the mouse to place a line. If a square is filled, the player takes turn again.

Table options

Time per turn
Used to indicate the time a player has to play on his/her turn. If the time ends, the game plays for him/her. See also: Game in automatic mode
Rabbits, cars, bombs and miss-turns...
Each table option indicates the number of elements of that category that appear on the board.

Ranking for points

To take part in the leaderboard of this game, it is necessary to be registered and have chips enough to meet the bets.

To score points, the games have to be competitive (indicated by a boxing glove or swords). There is no scoring if 2 players at the table share the same IP.

The scoring is distributed the following way:

  • The player that wins the game (individual or in pairs): +20 points.
  • The player that loses a game: -10 points.
  • The players that leave a game: -20 points.

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