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Rules of Cinquillo

Aim of the game

Cinquillo is a card game of the Spanish deck (40 cards), that can be played from 2 to 4 players.

The aim of the game is to score the points established before the opponents. Each time the player wins a round, he/she scores.

There are 2 game variations, cinquillo and bastard cinquillo. The way to win a round depends on the game variation chosen.

Dealing of cards

Cinquillo is originally a game for 4 people, but we introduced the possibility to play with 2 or 3 players. The dealing will depend on the number of players:

2 players (only regular cinquillo)
It is possible to choose the number of cards to be dealt on the table options, from 10 to 15 cards. The other cards will be face down on the deck to be picked up.
3 players
All the cards are dealt. By drawing lots, one player receives 14 cards and the other players receive 13. In the following rounds, the player on the right of the previous one will have 14 cards.
4 players
All the cards are dealt, 10 for each player.

Cinquillo (original)

The player who has the 5 of coins always starts the first round.

The cards are put into groups per suits (coins, cups, swords and sticks).


On his/her turn, the player must:

  • Place a card of the same suit following the highest or the lowest run of cards on the table. (for example, 5, 6, 7, Knave...)
  • Place a “5” of another suit.
  • Pass the turn if he/she cannot place any cards. If there is a deck, it is possible to pick up one card (only 2 players).

In the following rounds, the player who starts is the one located on the right of the player who started the previous round. It is mandatory to start with a “5” of any suits. If he/she cannot place any cards, he/she will pass the turn.

Count up points

The first player who has no cards is the winner of the round. The player who wins the round scores 5 points and one more point for each card not placed by his/her opponents.

Bastard cinquillo

This variation is similar to the previous one, except that it is not necessary that the cards be consecutive. The player can place any cards of the same suit, whether they are superior or inferior. If it is a higher card, it will block any others up to 5. The same happens if it is a lower card.

Example: if there is a “5” of cups on the table and a player places the Knave of cups, it will not be possible to place neither the “6” nor the “7” of cups.

The cards that are not possible to be placed are shown in red (both yours and the other opponents’ cards).


The winner is the player who has less cards (or no cards) when no one can place cards anymore.

Count up points

The winner of the round scores both the points and the cards the other players have in hands. If there is a tie, the points are shared among the winners.

Example: When the round finishes, the players have 1, 3, 4 and 6 cards. The first player scores 13 points.

If several players reach the limit of points at the same time, the winner is the player who has more points. If several players have the same maximum scoring, a tie is considered.


Click on a card with the left button of the mouse to put it at stake.

Table options

Time per turn
Used to indicate the time a player has to play on his/her turn. If the time ends, the game plays for him/her. See also: Game in automatic mode
Bastard cinquillo
Activates the game variation previously described.
Limit of points
Determines the limit of points to finish the game.
Cards dealt (2 players)
Chooses the number of cards to be dealt when only 2 players play. The other cards keep in the deck.

Ranking for points

To take part in the leaderboard of this game, it is necessary to be registered and have chips enough to meet the bets.

To score points, the games have to be competitive (indicated by a boxing glove or swords). There is no scoring if 2 players at the table share the same IP.

The experience points (XP) got depend on the number of players and they are calculated 10×number of players.

  • 2 players: 20 XP points
  • 3 players: 30 XP points
  • 4 players: 40 XP points

The players who lose a game, lose 10 points. The players who leave a game, lose 20 points if the other players penalize them.

Cinquillo game

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