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Rules of Chinchon

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Aim of the game

The chinchon, also called “Txintxon” or “Conga”, is a card game having the same family as Rummy.

Its origin is Spanish and it is usually played with the Spanish deck, but this version has the French deck. The most popular modality is played with 40 cards excluding 8, 9, 10 and jokers. It can also be played with 48 cards (excluding 10 and jokers) and 50 cards (excluding 10).

The aim of each round is to combine or “match” your cards in sequences of runs of the same suit or in groups of 3 or more cards of the same number before your opponents.

The ace can only be matched to other aces or to a run of the same suit with the 2, 3, 4, etc.

Methods of play

Traditional chinchon
The amount of rounds necessary is played in order to eliminate all the opponents. The final aim is to eliminate the other players, or in another point of view, be the only player that does not exceed the limit of points.
Express chinchon
For playing quick games. Played by one round.
Arcade Chinchon
It is played the best of 3 rounds.

Note: in express and arcade chinchon, the winner is the player that has less points. If there is a tie, the winner is the one who closes, or at last, the one who went first.

Value of the cards (from the highest to the lowest)

Value of the cards if it is not possible to match them:

Value of the cards
Card Value
Wildcard 25 points
K 10 points
Q 10 points
J 10 points
Nine (Only with the deck of 48 or 50 cards) 9 points
Eight (Only with the deck of 48 or 50 cards) 8 points
Seven 7 points
Six 6 points
Five 5 points
Four 4 points
Three 3 points
Two 2 points
Ace 1 points

* The French deck does not include the 10


The wildcard is the ace of hearts if you play with 40 and 48 cards, and the jokers if you play with 50 cards.

How to play chinchon

Dealing of cards

At the beginning of the game, the player that is the hand is chosen by automatic drawing lots, that is, the player that starts to play. In the following round (if there is one), the player that starts is the one on the right of the current player. The number of cards dealt will always be 7.

After dealing, one card will be placed faced up. The others will be left face down on the pile to be picked up.

Game play

(A) Deck (B) Pile of discards (C) Closing area

On their turn, each player must select a card of the deck or of the pile clicking on it.

After, the player must:

  1. Throw one of his/her cards. To do that, he/she must sweep it along the pile of discards.
  2. Or, if it is possible, sweep one of his/her cards along the closing area and win the game.

It is only possible to close the game if all the players discarded at least once and...:

  1. ...if it is possible to combine all the cards.
  2. ...if it is possible to match all the cards except one whose value does not exceed 3.

For example, it is possible to close the round if you have 3♠ 4♠ 5♠ 6♠ (run) and a trio of Q. But it is not possible to close if you have 3♠, 4♠, 5♠, 6♠, 7♠, Q♠ y K♠, since the last two cards are not matched.

Showing the plays

When a player closes the game, the other players show their combinations. At that moment, it is possible to throw the cards you could not match up with the plays of the others (and eliminate points!).

If a player manages to join up all theri cards, no other player can dispose of cards on the play of another.

If the cards of the deck finish, the deck is shuffled and a new deck is created.

Count up points

After showing the combinations, the amount of cards that could not be matched is scored.

The player that combines all his/her cards and closes the game, loses 10 points (unless he/she has a chinchon, so that will win the game). If any other players also have all the cards combined, they will not score points.

Having a chinchon means getting a run with seven cards that automatically indicates that player won the game. If the chinchon is made with the joker, the game is not won, 25 points are subtracted.


When a player is eliminated for having exceeded the limit of points, he/she can return to the game adding up to the pot half of the initial bet. This action is called return.

The player that returns to the game, returns with the same points of the player who has the highest number of points at that moment.

End of game

The player that wins the game receives the pot accumulated, both the first bet and the contributions of the returns.

If all the players exceed the limit of points at the same time, the winner is the one who has less points. If there is a tie, the winner is the player who closed the game, or as a last resort, the player who is the hand.


Choose on the “settings” tab the game control you like best:

Simple control.
Only one click over a card is necessary to throw it. If it is possible to “close”, the game will give you the option at that moment. Press the button “rearrange” several times to change the arrangement of the cards. You can also drag the cards to rearrange them or put them at stake using this control.
Classic control.
To move a card, click on it and drag it along the deck or along the pile of discards. If you drag it among the other cards, you can arrange them the way you prefer.

Table options

The table options are chosen by the master (the first player to sit at the table and that has a star estrella beside his/her avatar).

To see or change the table options, press the following button opciones . The table options can be changed before starting a game or in the middle of the games. If the icon is changed to red, that means the master changed some of the options.

Time per turn
Used to indicate the time a player has to play on his/her turn. If the time ends, the game plays for him/her. See also: Game in automatic mode
Compete for points and chips.
Permits playing competitive games. Deactivate this option to practise (you will not score points or win chips, nor will you get badges or level up).
Bet per game:
Indicate the amount of game chips you will bet in the game. The winner takes the pot. See also: What are the game chips? How can I get them?
Private table.
If this option is active, only invited players or friends can sit in. See also: How to invite other players to play at your table.
Spectators allowed.
Other people can enter the table to watch the game and chat. See also: Watchers during the games
Express (1 round)
It is a quicker game variation. One round is played and the winner is the one who has less points when closing the game. If there is a tie, the winner is the player who is the hand.
Limit of points
Limit of points for the return.
Amount of cards

Number of cards of the deck, that can be 40 (classic), 48 (includes 8s and 9s) or 50 (with 8s, 9s and 2 jokers).

Keep in mind that in the 50 card deck, one wildcard only is allowed in each combination.

The ace of hearts is the wildcard

The ace of hearts functions as a wildcard, which can replace any cards in a play (only for the 40 and 48 decks).

Ranking for points

To take part in the leaderboard of this game, it is necessary to be registered and have chips enough to meet the bets.

To score points, the games have to be competitive (indicated by a boxing glove or swords). There is no scoring if 2 players at the table share the same IP.

If at one table game chips are being bet, you will need to have sufficient chips available to cover the bet. The winner of the game will get the XP points and the chips bet (the bank will receive 25% of the pot).

The experience points (XP) got depend on the number of players, the kind of the game and the initial bet.

XP Points
Traditional chinchon Express chinchon
2 players 20 XP points 10 XP points
3 players 30 XP points 15 XP points
4 players 40 XP points 20 XP points
Points according to chips won
Winning chips XP Points
1000-5000 4 XP points
5001-25000 8 XP points
25001-50000 12 XP points
50001-100000 16 XP points
100001-200000 20 XP points
200001-400000 24 XP points
400001-600000 28 XP points
600001-1000000 32 XP points
1000001-2500000 36 XP points
2500001-5000000 40 XP points
+5000000 44 XP points

The players that lose a game, add 5 points. If the game is ended amicably, each player gets back their chips bet.

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