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October 5th 2014

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on our website on October 6 starting at 6:00 AM (CET) and will last until approximately 6:15 AM (CET).

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Terms and conditions for ranking in bingo for 8/3

August 3rd 2014

What is this?

On 3/8/2014, all users who play the Bingo* game will be ranked. The three users who play the greatest number of games will be the winners. The prizes will be as follows:

1st place: 5,000,000 chips

2nd place: 1,000,000 chips

3rd place: 500,000 chips

*In the event that a single user has multiple accounts that win, the prize will go to the next user who has played the greatest number of games (i.e., a single user with multiple accounts cannot win more than one prize).

When will the winners be announced?

During the week following the publication of the lottery, the prize winners will be announced on the website together with their avatars and Nicks.

Our Support Team will inform the winners when the chips have been added to their account.

Very important: remember that our technical team will never ask for your personal data or your password.

World Cup Finals 2014 lottery

July 13th 2014

What is this?

We’re raffling off millions of chips!

The prize for this great lottery consists of 1 million chips for each goal that is scored (not including penalty kicks) in the World Cup final, which will be played today. If the final result prior to penalty kicks is 0-0, the prize will be 1 million chips.

The drawing will be held from among all those users who recharge their chips today. Recharges can be done either through our portal or through Facebook or their mobile devices.

*Remember that for every 50,000 chips that you buy, you will get an entry into the drawing. So the more that you recharge, the more possibilities you have of winning. Good luck!

When will the winner be announced?

A few days after the lottery, the prize winner will be chosen randomly from among all of the participants.

In the week after the publication of the lottery, the prize winner will be announced on the web, together with his or her avatar and Nick.

Very important: remember that our technical team will never ask for your personal data or your password.


  1. Have a confirmed email address
  2. Exhibit good behavior inside the community.

We are opening up the Shop!

April 2nd 2014

The Shop is a new section available in many games where you can get exclusive articles for the chat, the games, your avatar, etc.

The opening is held together with the Emoticon Shop, in which you can acquire packs of emoticons (regular size) or stickers (XL size) to use them on the chat.


And to celebrate it, you will receive a pack of emoticons for free. Just access a game in which the shop is available to receive your gift now.

Note: to use the emoticons, click on the button :-), located beside the avatar. The packs are subject to limitations of time or uses (more information in the shop).

Extra Balls in Bingo!

March 17th 2014

Do you want to have more chances to win at Bingo?

The extra ball offers this possibility. An extra ball is given once the game ends. This opportunity is given to players who are one ball away from shouting Bingo in any of their cards.

Play Bingo

How do I get an extra ball?

If you’re one ball away from shouting Bingo and have not shouted Bingo during the game, once the game ends, a dialog box will automatically pop up within the game and offer you the chance to keep playing by purchasing an extra ball. Pay attention! You only have a few seconds to purchase it.

Can I obtain only one extra ball?

You can buy up to 3 extra balls to complete your card. This chance is offered as long as the number of balls remaining in the cage is equal to or greater than 6 balls.

The prize

The prize will vary depending on the value of the card and on the balls that remain in the cage. The value of the prize for which you’re playing will always appear in the extra ball dialog box.

Games with Extra Ball

You can also find the Extra Ball in Tombola

Play Tombola

How to confirm your email address

December 4th 2013

It is very simple! Confirm your email in 3 steps:

  • Access your account settings.
  • Click onConfirm your email in the Email section .
  • You will receive an email in your account. Remember to check the junk mail or spamfolder, because the email may be found there. Click on this link, and your email address will be confirmed.

What is the aim of confirming the email address?
If you confirm your email, you will be confirming that it really belongs to you and you can improve your account security.
Additionally, you will receive special discounts and exclusive gifts via email, in addition to being able to participate in sweepstakes that we organize on a regular basis.

Win free chips every day!

June 6th 2013

Come to Mundigames and get chips. It's totally free! And the best of all...we multiply your chances to win chips. How? The more you connect to the web, the more chances you have to get them! It's so easy, isn't it? Win free chips just for connecting and having fun with us. Don´t miss it!

Winners: Black Friday Mega Tournament! - 3 mega prizes and 100 million chips to be given out

December 2nd 0291

100 winners: Ranking 



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