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Zodiac Empire video bingo has come out, a game of chance that is played with 75 balls and at least one card with 25 spaces. Including the option for 12 extra balls and many more wins than in traditional Bingo.

If you get a win whose pattern comes from another one already won, you will only receive the higher win and not the sum up of both.


The objective of the game is to mark all of the numbers on one of the cards played in order to call Bingo.

Value of the cards and other elements

  • Cards: Contain 25 numbers set in 5 rows and 5 columns each. It is possible to trigger from 1 to 4 cards per game. The central space of the card functions as a wild.
  • Balls: The game consists in 75 balls and out of them 44 are drawn per game.
  • Extra balls: In certain occasions the game allows the purchase of 12 more balls.
  • Globe: The game balls are released from the Globe, which provides information on how to buy Extra Balls.
  • Prizes table: The pay table displays the winning patterns and their value and also shows the progress of the wins.

How to play

To begin, you just need to activate the cards you want, select the level of your bet and press “PLAY.”

In certain occasions it will be possible to purchase Extra Balls to get to increase the chances of wins.


When the game starts, 44 balls are drawn. The numbers that match with the ones drawn are marked on the cards. If there are any winning combinations or if only one number is left to get one, some indications on the cards and the pay table are shown.

In certain occasions it is possible to opt for the purchase of Extra Balls. The game is over when you decide to finish the purchase by pressing “Exit” or when having acquired all the balls.


The bonus consists in 12 selectable constellations that hide wins or that end the game. The aim is to select constellations and accumulate the wins associated to them until you find the one that will put an end to the game.

End of the game and scoring

At the end of each game, all that is accumulated on the “WIN” board will go to the “Balance” board.


  • Bet board (BET) This indicator shows how much you have to pay for each game.
  • Play button This is used to start the game manually.
  • Auto Play It allows us to play uninterruptedly once it is enabled. To unable it, you just have to press “Auto” or “Play” again. It is also unabled when the purchase of Extra Balls begins.
  • Turbo button Pressing this button accelerates the speed at which the balls are dropped.
  • Extra button This button is only visible when there is the option to purchase Extra Balls. Its function is to make the purchase of the Extra Ball.
  • Exit button This button is visible only when you have the option to purchase Extra Balls. It is used to collect everything that you’ve won in the game and then quit the Extra game.
  • WIN board This indicator shows you the number of prizes won in the game. It increases every time you win a prize. It resets at the end of the game.
  • Balance indicator This shows your current chips level.

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