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Video Bingo

Rules of Video Bingo

Video Bingo

Introduction to Video Bingo

The Video Bingo games are games of chance for a single player, which are played with numbered balls and at least one card. The cards have several numbers, distributed in multiple lines of different numbers each.

The aim of the game is mark all the numbers of the card as the balls are being displayed and complete all the card (called bingo).

How to play Video Bingo

Video Bingo brings a great variety of this type of games. Choose the one you like the most to start.

To start playing, just click on play. It is possible to play with up to 4 cards. The cards are organized in sets of 6 cards (in columns). All the numbers of the globe are in a set with no repetitions.

Before each game, you can choose the cards with which you want to play by clicking on them, besides change the price of all of them through the bet selector.

Once the game starts, the numbered balls will be displayed in a row. If any of the numbers displayed matches to any of numbers on the cards, it will be marked automatically.


To win prizes, we need to get to complete some of the patterns indicated in each game. Check out the patterns in each game for more details.

The value of each one depends on the cards played. The higher the cost of a card, the higher the wins are.


Some games include different bonus games.

If the correct pattern is crossed out in any of the cards, the player will take part in a mini game to win more prizes.

Extra ball

If you have only one number left to call certain prizes, you will have the chance to play several extra balls.

Those balls will be played individually having an additional cost in chips. Their cost will increase as they are played.

You can buy them by clicking on the button extra, that is displayed on the inferior part, over the blanks reserved for them or over their prices.

To cancel the purchase of extra balls, just click on collect. That way, you will receive the chips accumulated until that moment.

Other features

The button change displays new cards to play ramdomly.

By clicking on turbo, the drawing of balls will be speeded up.

Auto allows you to play steadily. It will be disabled automatically when the purchase of Extra Balls starts.


Video Bingo level is common for all the games included. The higher your bet, the more experience points (XP) you will win and the quicker you will level up.

Play Video Bingo

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