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Roulette Empires

Rules of Roulette Empires


Roulette Empires is a funny roulette in which you can play in several Empires (casinos). As you accumulate experience points, you will find pieces of puzzles to unlock the next casino and play at a new table with better prizes and bets.

You can get amazing gifts during the game, such as, Extra Spins, Double Experience, spins in the Bonus Machine and many others more.

How to play Roulette?

The players have a limit of time to make their bets before the ball is dropped. The maximum bet of the table will depend on the casino you are in.

Moreover, it is also possible to make bets on the Racetrack (“neighbors”). The Racetrack is an additional circuit located on the superior part of the table that allows making bets on a number and its neighbors of the roulette at the same time.

When the clock reaches zero, the bets are closed and the ball is dropped. When the prizes are distributed, a new bet starts.

Level bar and gifts

The level bar indicates your experience (XP) accumulated. You will get gifts in each level as pieces of puzzles, power ups or bonus spin.

The level increases according to the chips bet by the user whenever the bet does not cover more than 29 numbers of the table.

Pieces of Puzzles

You will get a piece of puzzle in each level as a gift. When you join all the pieces of a puzzle, you will unlock the next “Empire” and a new game table will be opened.

The puzzles can be bought with gems to access casinos with high bets more quickly.

Bonus Spins

A “Bonus Spin” is a free spin for the Bonus Machine. This machine always gives prizes as chips or game special objects (Power Ups).


The gems can be bought at the store and they allow you to unlock casinos more quickly and get Superspins.

Bar of objects

When you fill the bar of objects, you will get a Bonus Spin. To get an object, you must have a “Big Win”, that is, win a reasonable amount of chips in accordance with what you have bet.

When reaching the 6th object, you will receive a prize. If you leave the casino, you will lose the progress of the objects.

Special Objects (Power Ups)

Double experience

When you use this object, you will double the experience you gain during the game. You can get this Power Up in the Bonus Machine or by leveling up.

Extra spin

When you use this object, you will receive 3 chips that will be ramdomly thrown on the table. Once it is used, it can not be undone. You can get this Power Up in the Bonus Machine or by leveling up.

Value and type of bets

You can check the value of each bet during the game clicking on the button Information or keeping the cursor over the different squares of the table.

Inside bets
Type of bet Numbers bet Payments Example
Straight-up bet 1 35:1
Split bet 2 17:1
Street bet 3 11:1
Corner bet 4 8:1
Five-line bet 6 5:1
Outside bets
Type of bet Numbers bet Payments
Column bets 12 2:1
Dozen bets 12 2:1
Red or black 18 1:1
Even or odd 18 1:1
Snake bet 18 1:1
Racetrack bets
Type of bet Numbers bet Payments
Neighbors 5 35:1
Tiers du Cylindre 12 35:1
Voisins du Zéro 17 35:1


Select a chip on the inferior part and click on the squares to bet.

Press the button Erase to eliminate all the chips bet. Click on Repeat to bet again the same amount of your last bet.

Click on the button Undo to remove the last move of this turn.

Click on the button Autobet to establish a fixed bet on the table.

You can check the position and the amount of chips bet by each one of the players placing the cursor on his/her avatar.


To take part in the leaderboard of this game, it is necessary to be registered and have chips enough to meet the bets.

The experience points (XP) are got when betting in the gane. The higher the bet, the more points you can get.

If you cover more than 29 numbers with your bet, you will not get points.

Points according to chips won
Chips played XP Points
5-50 10 points
51-100 20 points
101-1000 30 points
1001-2500 40 points
2501-5000 50 points
5001-10000 100 points
10001-25000 150 points
25001-50000 200 points
50001-100000 250 points
100001-200000 350 points
200001-400000 450 points
400001-600000 550 points
600001-1000000 600 points
1000001-2500000 700 points
2500001-5000000 800 points
+5000001 900 points

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