Lotto information of Mundigames


Lotto information

The Lotto draws will be carried out every Thursday and the numbers used to decide the winning tickets will be the numbers of the Spanish state lottery. If there is not a draw one day, Mundigames will be responsible for choosing the winning number ramdomly.

You can purchase as many tickets as you want, including the same number. We will give you 1 free ticket for each 4 tickets you purchase. The price of each ticket is 25000 chips. The bank receives 20% of each ticket sold. It is not possible to return the tickets purchased.

The results are published on the web at the later hours after the draw and the prize-giving is carried out.


All the tickets whose the last number is the same of the winning number have a return. The remaining pot is distributed the following way:

Same number (5 numbers) 30%
Number above 5%
Number below 5%
4 last numbers 15%
3 last numbers 20%
2 last numbers 25%

For example, if there is a pot of 1000 chips and there are 2 winners for the first prize, 150 chips will be shared (300 chips between two people).

If there are no winners for a prize, it will be added to the pot of the next draw.

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