Black Friday!

November 24th 2017

With Black Friday, being quick has a reward ... do not let it escape, the faster you are the more the discount *

Instead of the current 850% promotion:

From 00:00 to 12:59 you can enjoy 900% in chips. We're throwing the rulebook out the window! 

From 13:00 to 17:59 you can have 880% in chips, while from 18:00 and until 23:59 hours you can enjoy 870% in chips.

Three Super Deals worthy of Black Friday, but .. Run, these incredible discounts won't last!

Buy now

* All times are UTC + 1.

Take Blackfriday's challenges to earn even more!

November 23rd 2017

There is very little time left for BlackFriday. And so you do not have to wait, we've created new challenges for you.

Let's try it !

Challenge 1: Shout 1 Bingo in our special room BlackFriday Bingo Rider

Challenge 2: Win 2 Blackjack matches with minimum bets of 10,000 chips

Challenge 3: Shout 3 prizes (Bingo, Line and Double Line) in our special BlackFriday Bingo Rider room

Challenge 4. Win 4,000 single-chip cards in 4 different video bingos

Challenge 5. Win 5 million chips in Videoslots or Akamon Slots (Facebook or Mobile)


Each challenge contains its own reward.

Get them all !! And get 115,000 Free Chips

Best of luck!

* The challenges begin on 23/11 at 00:00 and end on 23/11 at 23:59 hours (Spanish time).

** Automatic cards will be added for the next 2 hours after completing the challenge.

Winners Torunament Top Chip Winners

November 23rd 2017

1. mariquita11

2. arlete0409

3. mamencool1

4. sandybonita

5. anele1

6. estaesmisala

7. jhonstark85

8. fgcalzada

9. libra5000

10. daker22

11. lavinia72

12. 00ximenita

13. evetmar1

14. asundaira

15. cellynia

Play and discover if you're the lucky one!

November 22nd 2017

Choose one of the blackfriday bags and discover what it contains!

Only one of them contains today's special blackfriday promo.

Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Play with us now!

It has never been so exciting!

* Promotion available from 00:00 and until 23:59 today (Spanish time).

Special BLACKFRIDAY Tournament Top Chip Winners

November 21st 2017

Today only ! We'll distribute MORE millions to MORE winners.

Lots more chances to win your prize thanks to the Top chip winners special BlackFriday tournament.

Good luck!


¿ How does the tournament work?

We're awarding the all games top 10 chips winners. You can play in all the Mundigames games. 

You will be able to know which ranking position you are in!

You can follow the tournament via this link**: RANKING


¿Qué puedes ganar?

1st place – 80M

2nd place– 50M

3rd place– 30M

4th place – 20M

5 th place – 15M 

6th-15th place – 10M

*The tournament starts on Tuesday, the 21st at 12 am and finishes on Tuesday, the 21st at 11:59 pm (UTC+1). The winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 22th.

**The leaderboard will be updated every hour.

Let the competition begin!

Special Thanksgiving Lottery

November 20th 2017

🦃  Special Thanksgiving Lottery  🦃

Get ready for BlackFriday and participate in the special thanksgiving SUPERBOTE!

Take the ride and win more than ever

And remember:
For every 4 tickets one gift!

Cost of each 50.000 Ticket


Megashowdown in Bingo - get 2,000 FREE chips

November 19th 2017

Play Bingo and get a GIFT!

Getting it is very easy!

Give 30 Bingo cards to other players, and within 2 hours, you will automatically get 2,000 FREE CHIPS. ** It's that simple!

Play now


* You have until 23:59 today to get your gift (UTC + 1).

** The chips will be added in the next two hours after placing your bet.


Megashowdown in Videoslots - get 3,000 chips FREE

November 18th 2017

Play on Videoslots and get a GIFT!

Getting it is very easy!

Play in Videoslots, and within two hours, you will automatically be awarded 3,000 FREE CHIPS. ** As simple as that!

Play now


* The promo is valid only for users who've registered more than 24 hours ago.You have until 23:59 today to get your gift (UTC + 1 hour).

** The chips will be added during in next two hours following your betting.

New missions in Videoslots!

November 17th 2017

🍸 Missions in Monte Carlo! 🍸 

Enter Videoslots and discover the 3 missions that are prepared for you! 

If you complete them, you will get a very special prize! 
Complete the missions as many times as you want and go increasing the reward. UP TO 100.000.000!!

Winners - Bingo Tournament! - Men vs. Women

November 17th 2017

Men - Women
30% - 70%

1- yosoymaricona

2- palomagaes

3- ale201454

4- superyaya

5- boloreth

6- 68isabelle68

7- ladrone007

8- delpp37535

9- boogiepophantom

10- elfaaloe

Bingo Tournament! - Men vs. Women

November 16th 2017

Who are the best players? We'll test all the men and women in Bingo.

How does the tournament work?

We are going to reward the 10 best boys or 10 best girls that win the most chips in Bingo.

In addition you will also be able to know in which position of the ranking you are in directly.

You can follow how well your tournament goes in this link **: Ranking tournament

What can you win?

1st classified - 80 million chips

2nd place - 50 million chips

3rd place - 30 million chips

4º-10º classified - 10 million chips each


* The tournament starts on 16/11 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC + 1). The winners will be announced on 17/11.

** The ranking will be updated every hour.

Let the competition begin!

Winners - Dominoes 6 hour Express Tournament!

November 15th 2017

1- mesisyen123

2- petardo38

3- eshuaddelery21

4- zyrano48

5- ledif25

6- wilfredog43638

7- carlos55x

8- esoe50

9- ilmag2

10- wagsanttos

Dominoes 6-hour-Express Tournament!

November 14th 2017

How does it work?

We will award the 10 players who win more matches in Dominoes throughout the tournament.*

The prizes will be:

1st winner: 10 million chips

2nd winner: 5 million chips

3rd winner: 3 million chips

4th -10th winners: 1 million chips

*The tournament starts on Nov 14th  at 12 and finishes 6 hours later. The winners will be announced between 24 and 48 hours after the tournament is over. (UTC+1)

Winners Bingo Tournament – by categories!

November 13th 2017

Top 10 Bingo Premium
1- nekane41
2- delia66
3- crisleon69
4- vamosqesol
5- nat7010
6- jheniprovenzii
7- 00bocatta00
8- viki1000
9- 00maya01
10- sylviec64673
Top 10 Bingo Basic
1- cheska13
2- alasdluna
3- edileneb61177
4- juanitatata
6- azofaifa690
7- fjp5000
8- rocionob1
9- raulitoperla
10- toupille

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