Complete the Bingo missions!

January 23rd 2018

Check out all of the information…

Complete the Bingo missions!*

How does it work?

  • Earn 1,000,000 chips in Bingo prizes.
  • Call one line**
  • Call a Bingo**

If you complete these three missions, we’ll give you 200,000 chips.

Best of luck!

* Missions will be available from 1/23 at 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC+1). Chips will be added automatically within two hours after you complete the missions.

**In rooms with 50,000 chips or more.  

Winners Draw Monday

January 23rd 2018


Monday draw!

January 22nd 2018

We want this Monday to be special, and that’s why we’re going to hold a draw for 10 mega prizes. This draw has more prizes than ever!

How can you participate?

For every 1,000,000 chips bought, you will be assigned 1 ticket** to participate in the draw. There is no limit of tickets bought to participate.

Plus, we’ve got more super news for you.

You can check out the 100 users with the most tickets at this link.

The more chips you buy, the more tickets you can get for the draw!

Ver enlace

What are the prizes?

There will be 10 winners. Each of them will take home 20,000,000 chips!

Enjoy it to the max!

*The draw begins on 1/22 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+1). Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 1/23.

** Our internal system will assign you 1 ticket for every 1,000,000 chips, and the draw will take place taking into account the number of tickets that each player has. 

Winners of the Tournament

January 22nd 2018

1- christines96123
2- maurafatima
3- mariquita11
4- wendit
5- arlete0409
6- isamazza
7- liabyb
8- 5aguila5
9- ospipa43
10- pjafl

Mega-sized meetup on National Hugging Day! – Get 2,000 FREE chips

January 21st 2018

We’re in celebration mode!

Today is National Hugging Day, and we want to celebrate it in a big way!

Get 2,000 free chips. *

Getting them is very easy!

Make a bet on any game in our community, and within two hours, 2,000 FREE CHIPS will be added to your account automatically. **

It’s so easy!

*Users registered for at least 24 hours. You have until 23:59 (UTC+1) today to get your gift.

**The chips will be added within two hours after you make your bet.

Special promotion for TODAY!

January 20th 2018

We’ve prepared something very special for you today… The quicker you are, the more rewards you’ll get! *

From 00:00 to 12:59, you’ll get an extra 900% in chips. Never seen before in our community!

From 13:00 to 17:59, you’ll get an extra 897% in chips, while from 18:00 to 23:59, you’ll get an extra 894% in chips.

Hurry up before these incredible discounts end!

Buy now

*All times are in UTC+1.  

All games Top Chip Winner tournament

January 19th 2018

How does the tournament work?

We're awarding the all games top 10 chips winners. You can play in all the Mundigames games. 

You will be able to know which ranking position you are in!

You can follow the tournament via this link**: RANKING

What can you win?

1st place – 80M

2nd place– 50M

3rd place– 30M

4th-10th places– 10M

*The tournament starts on Jan 19th at 12 am and finishes at 11:59 pm (UTC+1). 

**The leaderboard will be updated every hour.

Let the competition begin!

Complete the missions in Slots!

January 17th 2018

Check out all of the information…

Complete the missions in SLOTS!*

What’s this all about?

- Earn 1,000,000 chips in Videoslots or Akamon Slots (Facebook or mobile).
- In the Isla Rapa Nui slot: Make 10 spins in the game**

- In the Gem Safari slot: Make 20 spins in the game**

If you complete these three missions, we’ll give you 10,000 chips.

Good luck!

* The missions will be available from 1/17 at 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC+1). The chips will be added automatically within two hours after you complete the missions.

**Minimum bet of 1,000 chips. 

Winners Tournament in CHINCHÓN and BURACO

January 17th 2018

1- geheuif
2- rodrigosimao1
3- laprofecba
4- themaskorigenal
5- susanags72576
6- euclides31
7- samantam61471
8- franklins70695
9- ganhaaaaay
10- marayda

Super tourney in CHINCHON and BURACO!

January 16th 2018

How does the tourney work?

We give prizes to the 10 winners who earn the most chips in CHINCHON and BURACO.

Plus, you’ll be able to know what your position in the ranking is at any time.

You can follow how the tourney is going at this link**: Tourney ranking

What can you win?

3 million chips to the 10 players who earn the most chips!

Good luck!

Let the competition begin!

*The tourney starts on 1/16 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+1).

** The ranking will be updated hourly.

Blue Monday promotion – Turn that frown upside down!

January 15th 2018

Blue Monday is here with the SUPER PROMOTION in CHIPS!*

Today even your purchases have a prize!

Purchase today and receive more for less!

Buy now

*Chips bought from 1/15 at 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC+1).

Winners Tournament Slots Battle

January 15th 2018

Ranking winners


January 14th 2018

We’d like to present some very interesting challenges to you:

- Win 1 game in Parcheesi.
- Win 1 game in Dominoes.
- Win 1 game in Belote.
- Win 1 game in Buraco.

For each mission you complete, you’ll get 1,000 chips!

Winning has never come so easily! **

Best of luck!

*Challenges begin on 1/14 at 0:00 and end at 23:59 (UTC+1). **Chips will be added automatically within 2 hours after completing the challenge. 

Mega date for singles

January 13th 2018

Know MORE…

MEGA DATE for singles in BINGO tonight!*

From 6 pm on, get 3,000 chips* when playing BINGO.

Besides, we’ve prepared a mega date for singles in the room “Soulmate”.

Come and meet boys and girls who are searching the same as you!

Don’t miss it!

*After buying 1 card or more in the 50,000 chips room from 6 pm on (UTC+1).

**3,000 chips will be received in the next two hours after buying a card.

Slots Battle! – Wild Blooms vs Rapanui

January 12th 2018

Participate in this slots battle by choosing your favorite slots – Wild Blooms or Rapanui Island– and earn as many chips as you can. Which slots will win?

How does the battle work?

We’re giving prizes to the 10 players who earn the most chips from the winning slots and to the top 5 players for the losing slots.

You’ll also be able to tell your position in the rankings at any time.

You can follow how the battle is going by click here**: Battle ranking

What can you win?

For the winning slots:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place – 8 million chips

5th-10º place – 5 million chips

For the losing slots

1st-5st place– 2 million chips

Good luck!

Make your favorite slots win!

*The tourney starts on 01/12 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+1). Winners will be announced on 01/15.

** Rankings will update every hour.

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