Important information!

April 23rd 2017

Due to an error message "game in maintenance" it is not possible to play in some games of Mundigames.

Some of the games not affected by this error are: VideoSlots and Instant Horses.

We are working uninterruptedly to try to solve it as soon as possible and minimize any inconvenience we may have caused.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Super Bingo Tournament

April 21st 2017

Good morning!

This weekend we are presenting a special tournament in Bingo! More original and interesting than ever!

Wanna know why?

You can follow the tournament on this link**: mundigames ranking

There you can see the leaderboard with the best players… Can you see yourself on the leaderboard with the 5 best players?

What can you win?

The 5 players who accumulate more prizes throughout the tournament will get the following prizes:

Gold medal: 80M chips + 30 Bingo cards (VIP room)
Silver medal: 50M chips + 20 Bingo cards (VIP room)
Bronze medal: 30M chips + 10 Bingo cards (VIP room)
2 finalists: 10M chips + 5 Bingo cards (VIP room)

Enjoy it like never before!

*The tournament starts on April 21st at 3pm and finishes on Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59pm (UTC+2).

**The leaderboard will be updated every hour.

Winners Super Easter Basket!

April 18th 2017


Super Easter Basket!

April 13th 2017

Super Easter Basket is waiting for you!

We want this week to be a special week and we will make it one by drawing 10 gift baskets filled with gifts*.

What does a basket contain?
50M chips
30 bingo cards of 250,000
2 months free Club

How can you participate?
For every 100,000 chips purchased, you receive 1 coupon to participate in the draw**! There is no limit on tickets purchased.

There will be 10 winners!
Make the most of the week on Mundigames!

*The raffle starts on Friday, April 14th at 00:00am and finishes on Sunday, April 16th at 11:59pm (UTC+1). The winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 18th.

**Our internal system will assign you 1 coupon for each 100,000 chips and the raffle will be conducted by taking into account the number of coupons that each player has.

Modifications in the internal messages

April 12th 2017

We are always doing the best we can on the portal so that our users can play securely and with no worries.

Due to several issues occurred in the latest weeks, we have been forced to forbid the links to external pages inside the internal messages section.

Sorry for the incovenience.

An Easter promotion is arriving!

April 11th 2017

We're releasing the new Easter promotion! Discover the promotion that awaits you on Mundigames. Remember that you have to open the Easter egg to find out the surprise that's waiting for you ...

Enter and discover what you can win!


Winners slots 24h Express Tournament!

April 10th 2017

Congrats, champions!

These are the winners of Slots Express Tournament:

1st classified – amura2, 50.000.000 chips for you!

2nd classified  – stroling, 50.000.000 chips for you!

3rd classified – alladim00710.000.000 chips for you!

4th classified – beatrice19725.000.000 chips for you!

5th classified – quespere5.000.000 chips for you!

Slots 24h Express Tournament!

April 8th 2017

This Sunday you have an appointment! This is our way to end the week, celebrating with a Slots Tournament.  

How does it work?

The tournament will only be open for 24 hours. We will reward the 5 players who win the most chips during the tournament. The top 5 players will be the lucky ones who win amazing prizes! It’s time to bring out the best in you.

What can you win?

1st classified – 50M

2nd classified – 25M

3rd classified – 10M

4th classified – 5M

5th classified – 5M

See you tomorrow and good luck!

*Tournament starts Sunday, 9th, 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+1)

**The winners will be announced on Monday 10th.

Welcome to MUNDIBANK!

April 4th 2017

The online solution for the safety of your chips is here. No commission!

Visit MUNDIBANK tool (on the top of the main page, beside your private messages section) and you can take advantage of it FOR FREE in two simple steps. It’s very easy!

The first time you login, you must write a password (for security reasons which are different from Mundigames) to be able to access MUNDIBANK private area.

Once you’re logged in, you can change your chips into gold bars which will be kept in a safety box, safer than ever. And you can change the gold bars into chips whenever you want to keep playing!

On the other side, when you’re about to reach the limit of chips allowed by the system, MUNDIBANK tool will keep you posted on that, and then you can change the chips into gold bars to go on playing with any inconvenient.

IN MUNDIBANK you can also check your total balance (the sum of chips and chips changed into gold bars).

Come to and find out yourself all the possibilities that MUNDIBANK offers!

If you need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Go now! -->

*In order to access MUNDIBANK, you must have 1 billion chips at minimum.

Winners of Poker Texas Tournament!

April 4th 2017

First place - steven869  50M

Second place - guido2711 25M

Third place -   carmelam81058  10M

Fourth place - patoupoker 5M

Fifth place - franciscoa52741  5M

Poker Texas Tournament begins!

April 1st 2017

We are celebrating the weekend with a big Poker party. The most interesting tournament is getting started and will be open until Sunday, 2nd, 23:59. Do you dare?

How does the tournament work?

Come in and join the big party! We are going to reward the players who win the most games during the tournament. The top 5 players who achieve this will be the ones to win amazing prizes!

Now it’s your turn to show your Poker skills. Start the competition now and fight to achieve a place in the classification before the tournament ends!

What are the prizes?

1st classified – 50M

2nd classified – 25M

3rd classified – 10 M

4th classified – 5M

5th classified – 5M

**The winners will be announced next week, once the tournament is closed. Now it’s time to show your excellence with cards. Good luck!!  

MegaShowdown tomorrow!

March 30th 2017

The most awaited event ever arrives and the one we like the most.

Tomorrow we celebrate a Mega Showdown in which we want to invite you all to join. It is a very special challenge, we want to get the maximum number of players in the 24 hours of play.

We are waiting for you tomorrow! 

Winners of Spring Bingo Tournament Starts!!

March 27th 2017

First place - pumukuy  50M

Second place - antoi34 25M

Third place -  cachopun  10M

Fourth place - carole851 5M

Fifth place - gigiriva11  5M

Spring Bingo Tournament Starts!!

March 24th 2017

We want to welcome spring with a new Bingo Tournament! What better way to celebrate than playing?

What is this Tournament about?

The Tournament is about getting as many chips as you can during the days that the Tournament is open. The more you play the more chance you have to win!

How can I get a prize?

Here is the basis of the Tournament:

During the event get as many chips as you can. The 5 players that get the most chips during the Tournament will be the winners!

**The Spring Tournament starts on Friday 24th, 15:00 until Sunday 26th, 00:00.  

List of the prizes:

First place - 50M

Second place - 25M

Third place -  10M

Fourth place - 5M

Fifth place - 5M

The winners will be announced on Monday 27th.

Start playing here!! Good luck!!

VIP Room in Bingo

March 1st 2017

Remember that the VIP room is exclusive for our VIP users. That way, it is mandatory to comply with some requirements to access it.
Due to the latest incidents occurred in the VIP room, we were forced to take some measures by kicking out the users who do not comply with such requirements.
We are working on a solution so that just the VIP users are able to access and play in this room.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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