Slots Tourney!

July 19th 2018

Do your best in these few hours!

Participate in this new Slots tourney. Collect prizes in the free pulls that you get, and you’ll be the winner.  

The tourney is going to award the 10 players with the most chips** won during this time!

What can you win?                         

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place – 8 million chips

5th-10th place – 5 million chips

Increase your odds to win with "Buy Bonus"!

When you play the Birds of Paradise machine, you can directly buy the free spins. With no wait. This special feature allows you to buy  "5 Free Spins" or "10 Free Spins" for an incredible price. Then, you can increase your chances to be the winner! 


*The tourney begins on 07/19  at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+2). Winners will be announced on the 07/20.
** Gather chips from free pulls in Videoslots and Akamon Slots (Facebook and mobile). 

SUPER PROMOTION! Being quick has a reward

July 18th 2018

Being quick on this special day has a reward…don’t let it pass by, the faster you are, the more discounts you’ll have.*

From 00:00 to 12:59 am you’ll get 1040% in chips. We’ve gone totally crazy!

From 1 pm to 5:59 pm you’ll have 1037% in chips and from 6 pm to 11:59 pm, you’ll get 1035% in chips.

Hurry before these incredible discounts are over!

Buy now

*All the times are UTC+2 zone.

Buy emojis and win chips!

July 17th 2018

On the International Day of emojis, buy some at the Store and receive FREE chips!*


Buy a pack of emojis at the Store on this special day.

And we’ll give you 5,000 FREE chips.**


Good luck!***


*You can buy the emojis at the Store.

**The chips will be automatically received in the next two hours after completing the challenge.

***The gift will be available on July 7 from 00:00 to 11:59 pm (UTC+2 time zone).

Winners - VideoBingo’s Duel! – Flying Pigs vs Funny Creatures

July 17th 2018

Funny Criatures 56%

1   maramay 
2   adka1   
3   mel61   
4   siemprepierdoqq 
5   jeni1515    
6   claire516   
7   clalilia    
8   brujitaenfada   
9   elcaco1 
10  lucila2740  

Flying Pigs 44%

1   juliagh21960  
2   aldoflorido 
3   dudalinda321  
4   munditongo355   
5   snoopy6 

VideoBingo’s Duel! – Flying Pigs vs Funny Creatures

July 16th 2018

Participate in this videobingo’s duel by choosing your favorite videobingo – Flying Pigs or Funny Creatures – and earn as many chips as you can. Which videobingo will win?

How does the battle work?

We’re giving prizes to the 10 players who earn the most chips from the winning videobingo and to the top 5 players for the losing videobingo.

You’ll also be able to tell your position in the rankings at any time.

You can follow how the battle is going by click here**: Duel ranking

What can you win?

For the winning videbingo:

1st place – 50 million chips

2nd place – 30 million chips

3rd place – 15 million chips

4th place – 8 million chips

5th-10º place – 5 million chips

For the losing videobingo

1st-5st place– 2 million chips

Good luck!

Make your favorite VideoBingo win!

*The tourney starts on 16/07 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+2). Winners will be announced on 17/07.

** Rankings will update every hour.

Winners - Classic Video Slots tournament!

July 16th 2018

1 - sandybonita
2 - atickaa
3 - noelia120
4 - pjafl
5 - tiririca1a
6 - michicaveneno65
7 - katty659
8 - angela19555
9 - campeona5551
10 - 357914

Great surprises for a great day

July 15th 2018

We have a Sunday filled with surprises!

The final match of the World Cup is being played today, and we want to celebrate it in the community with all of you.

That's why if you come by this Sunday and enjoy playing with us, you'll get 2,000 free chips as a gift.

Plus, we have a SUPER WORLD CUP PROMO today only that you can't pass up

Remember… You earn 2,000 FREE chips REALLY EASILY!


*Users registered for 24 hours or longer. You have until 23:59 today to get your gift (UTC+2).
**Place a bet on any game. The extra chips will be added within two hours of when you make your bet.

Shoot at least 6 crazy balloons

July 14th 2018

Crazy Promotion!

Have fun by shooting the crazy balloons!

Try your luck by shooting the balloons, and if you manage to shoot at least 6, you'll receive an exclusive promotion. Will you be a winner?

Put your skills to the test and shoot these crazed balloons!



*Exclusive promotion on 7/14 from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC+2).

Classic Video Slots tournament!

July 13th 2018

Because the classic is fashionable we’re offering you a Video Slots/Akamon Slots tournament (Facebook and mobile).

Participate in the tournament accumulating chips in all the machines of Video Slots or Akamon Slots! The TOP 10 players will receive an extra prize.

The extra prizes will be:

1st winner – 80 million chips

2nd winner – 50 million chips

3rd winner – 30 million chips

4th to 10th winners – 10 million chips each one

Do you wanna know in which position you are? You can see it in this ranking.

Good luck!


*The tournament starts on July 13th at 00:00 and finishes at 11:59 pm (UTC+1).

**The winners will be announced on July 16th.

Winners - Support your team by playing BINGO!

July 12th 2018

1 sloocie1
2 zabellon
3 siemprepierdoqq
4 baierouge
5 denisd8156
6 gorka8428
7 anele1
8 cabello17
9 chicharrera7
10 cafeyporras2
1 prety2222
2 gorka8428
3 mariola30
4 chiki0001
5 siemprepierdoqq

Spartan missions!

July 12th 2018

Become the best Spartan to serve Leonidas and conquer all of the challenges that we’ve prepared for you today:

  • Train with the best warriors and earn 1 million chips in Amazon Legends (Video Bingo) and get an extra 50,000 chips.
  • Enroll in the best Greek schools of war tactics and strategies and win at least 2 games of Dominoes to get an extra 2,000 chips.
  • Curry favor with the Oracle of Delphos by shouting 1 bingo (in a 100,000-chip or higher room) and get 50,000 extra chips.

And if you’re a CLUB member*:

  • Get the blessing of the Gods by earning 5 million chips in the Hall of the Gods (Video Slots) and get an extra 200,000 chips.

Can you defend Sparta?


*You have to be a CLUB member before completing the missions.
**The missions begin on 7/12 at 00:00 and end at 23:59 (UTC+2). Prizes will be added within two hours of completing the mission.

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