SPECIAL tournament at BINGO

June 22nd 2018

Tournament in Bingo men vs women!

Who will be the winner?

We are going to reward the 10 best boys or 10 best girls that win the most chips in Bingo.

What can you win?

1st classified - 80 million coins

2nd place - 50 million coins

3rd place - 30 million coins

4º-10º classified - 10 million coins each

You can follow the tournament live at this link: SEE RANKING

Let the competition begin!


* The tournament starts on 06/22 at 00:00 and ends on 06/23 at 23:59 (UTC + 1). The winners will be announced on 06/25.

** The ranking will be updated every hour.

Take your shot!

June 21st 2018

An incredible promotion if you make it…

Have fun by making a goal!

Try your luck by playing soccer, and if you manage to make at least one goal, you’ll receive an exclusive promotion. Will you be one of them?

Try your skills and take your shot!



*Exclusive promotion on 6/21 from 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC+2).

Win FREE coins playing with your friends!

June 20th 2018

Today is the happiest day of the year!

Participate so that this day is unforgettable for all! Buy coins through the button "Give away coins" to one or several friends and get 5,000 coins FREE.

Have fun with your friends and get EXTRA coins!



* The mission will be available from 20/06 at 00:00 until 23:59 (UTC time + 2).

** The coins will be added automatically in the next two hours, once the mission is completed. Mission of a single use.

*** Users registered for more than 24 hours.

Choose your ball and get a SUPER PROMOTION!

June 19th 2018

Get your SUPER PROMOTION in this 2018 Football World Cup!

Choose one of the 3 balls and discover the luck that lies within...

Remember that for the promotion to be valid, you must choose one of the 3 to see the offer that corresponds to you. In addition, you can use the gift offer within the next 60 minutes.

Play now! 


* The promotion ends on June 19 at 23:59 (UTC time + 2).

Tournament in Down the rabbit hole!

June 18th 2018

Accumulate coins in Down the rabbit hole (Slots game) and get the prize in this tournament.

The 10 players who win the most coins will receive, in addition:

1st place - 50M

2nd place - 30M

3rd place - 15M

4th place - 8M

5th-10th place - 3M


* The tournament starts on 06/18 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC + 2 hours).

** Winners will be announced on 06/19.

Winners - Countries Tournament! 06.16

June 18th 2018

1 martingl84296
2 rominaromana
3 kekocan
4 419753
5 rosalinda07
6 cobraa20
7 libra5000
8 michicaveneno65
9 madrid1963
10 limce

Winners - Support your team by playing BINGO!

June 18th 2018

1 gallega6969
2 prety2222
3 007jmg
4 tapicero1
5 anmaria58
6 jose90708
7 levoacumulado
8 chantal732
9 ailoviu69
10 hocar13
1 luis27740
2 demarron
3 poke20050
4 00blue00
5 arriaca55
6 000063fernand
7 juymayda
8 lokina2
9 malore22
10 carolehh

Check out what it’s about

June 17th 2018

Check out your promotion FOR TODAY ONLY!

It’s never been so easy to get more chips for less. 

Have fun like never before!



*The promotion ends at 23:59 (UTC+2).

Countries Tournaments!

June 16th 2018

Enter your country! *

Collects chips in all games ** from the community and the TOP10 users from the winning country, will also receive an extra prize. ***

You'll be able to follow the tournament via this link: Live Ranking

What can you win?

1st classified - 80M

2nd place - 50M

3rd place - 30M

4th-10th- 10M

NEWS! To make the tournament fairer,we will reward the country that manages to win the most chips divided by the amount of players. That is, the total chips earned by players in your country, will be divided among the total number of players who are participating from that country. Thus The winner will be the country to get more chips per player!

Good luck!



* All users participate with the country in which they are located.

** The tournament begins on 06/16  at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 hours (Spanish time).

*** Winners will be announced on 06/18.

Support your team by playing BINGO!

June 15th 2018

Participate in this very special challenge. Support your team in the 2018 World Cup!

How does it work?

We’ve created 100,000-chip rooms in Bingo named Spain and Portugal.

We’ll award the 10 players who win the most chips in the team room for the team that wins today’s game. The 5 top players on in the losing team’s room will also get a consolation prize!

You can check out how the challenge is going at this link: See ranking

What can you win?

For the room (Spain or Portugal) of the team that ends up winning:

1st place – 80 million chips

2nd place – 50 million chips

3rd place – 30 million chips

4th-10th place – 5 million chips

For the other 5 players for the losing team:

1st-5th place – 3 million chips

Best of luck!

Keep track and check out who the winner is!


*The challenge starts on 6/15 at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 (UTC+2). Winners will be announced on 6/18.

** The ranking will be updated hourly.

***In the case of a tie, players from both rooms will be awarded as if they were the winners.

MUNDICITY promotion!

June 14th 2018

What’s going on?

Emma got lost in the city where the World Cup 2018 takes place...Will you help us find her?

 If you help us find her by telling us which city she’s in, you’ll receive an exclusive gift as a promotion!

If you mess up…you can simply try again! We want to find EMMA soon so that you can keep on enjoying the community with her!

I want to find EMMA


*Exclusive promotion on 6/14 from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC+2).

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