Private chats (for 2 or more people)

To start a private chat with another player, select him/her on the list of players and press Private on the context menu.
You?ll see a new tab appear at the top that permits you to talk with that player in private.
There are some games in which you cannot have private chats with the people you are playing with.
Private chat settings
There are several options for controlling private chat under the ?settings? tab.
Accept all. Any players can start a private conversation with you. No authorization is necessary.
    Accept only friends. Only friends can begin a private chat with you. Permission is not necessary.
    Request. Friends are accepted automatically though you must authorize other players into the private chat (by default).
    Do not accept private chats. No private chats from any players are accepted.
Private chat in groups (advanced)
If you have already started a private chat, you can invite others to join the conversation. To do this, use the following advanced command: /group [player name]
Begin a private chat with someone.
    Write the described command on the private chat itself. It will not work if you write it on the room or on the table chat.
    Repeat the action to invite more people to the private chat...
Note: we do not save any records of the chats and no moderators or players have access to private conversations.

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