Why the games sometimes seem to be slower? (lag)

That happens because you can be lagging on your connection.
Lag is a delay in the communication between your PC and the game server. That delay causes an unpleasant sensation, in which the response can take several seconds, making the game and the conversations slow.
If the waiting time is very high, the server can kick you due to inactivity (since it does not receive a response).
To avoid lagging:
Close any programs that can take up bandwidth from your connection (such as P2P programs etc).
    Close the other browse windows.
We also recommend:
Update your operating system (e.g. Windows Update)
    Check your computer with an antivirus and an antispyware. These malware programs take out bandwidth and system resources if your PC is infected.
    If you use a Wi-Fi network, protect it with a password to block someone else?s access.
    Connect by cable instead of wifi or other wireless connection.
    How to improve game performance
Note: while playing, if one of your opponents is lagging, you will notice he/she takes more time than usual to play. You can know a player is lagging writing on the chat area /ping [user name] or /myping to know you are lagging.

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