About cheats in the games : Help


About cheats in the games

People log in on Mundijuegos to enjoy and have fun. Eventually cheaters only make the other users angry and those users do not play with them.

We have automated systems to detect cheating and make revisions periodically. You can help, denouncing a cheating player.

What is considered a cheat?
Any attempt of manipulating the rankings, getting points or chips illegally or any other actions against the fair play or the rules of the games are considered ?trampas?.
In order to safeguard the proper functioning of the games and the rights of other users, the number of bets that the same user can place in the minigames may not, under no circumstances, exceed 200 matches per hour. Nor is it allowed that the same player places bets on the mini games in two or more games at the same time. The company reserves the right to exclude any user who violates these rules.

What penalizations are applied?
We do not like to penalize anyone. Besides, we hate it as much as we hate the cheaters. We would prefer to spend that time improving the web page and developing more games. So, if we find out any cheaters, we apply severe penalizations, whoever it is.

Theses sanctions are based on evidence and data stored on our servers or on evidence provided by the players themselves. Penalties are final and are applied at the discretion of the moderators. They can range from the loss of reputation, points, tokens and Mundijuegos Club days, until the expulsion from the portal (ban) and cancellation of the account.

Any suspicions of illicit or illegal activities in the portal (against other players or against the own portal), will be submitted to an immediate expulsion from the portal.

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