How to play in Mobile with Flash games

Download Puffin (an App that is a browser) so that you can play on Mundijuegos on your mobile phone. *

To do it:

Dirigete a tu App Store (si tu movil es iOs) y descargate la siguiente app: Dirigete a tu Play Store (si tu movil es Android) y descargate la siguiente app:
	Confirm SITE DESK.
	Once you?re there, enter any game of Mundijuegos URL. For example:
	Then you need to log in again.
	Once you?re logged in, you?ll be able to play on Mundijuegos on your mobile phone. **
	Besides, a trick so that your game experience can be the best as possible. Click on the right side of the screen (where the 3 points are shown). Once you?re there, click on THEATER Mode. This way you?ll see the game FULL SCREEN.
Sincerely yours

Mundijuegos team

*In every way, it?s like you were playing on Mundijuegos, however, you?re using your mobile phone. That means that the promotions you see will be the same as the ones you have on the web.

**Since it?s an external browser and not related to Mundijuegos, some features are not enabled.

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