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What is the reputation?

The reputation is the positive or negative opinion other players have about you or about or behavior.

  • A respectful and friendly behavior with the other players can help you have a good reputation (indicated with + +).
  • If you underestimate or insult other players or cheat, you will possibly receive negative votes and your reputation will be affected (indicated with - -).

The votes are public and they can be seen by anyone.Your reputation.

If you were penalized, for example, for cheating, it is very probable that your reputation also be affected. More information about the penalizations.

¿How can I give a vote to someone?

Menú desplegable

You can do it on his/her player profile or in the game (click on the user name so the drop-down menu is shown).

  • I like to play with him
  • I do not like to play with him

¿How does it work?

Not all the votes have the same value. The value of a vote can vary depending on several factors, such as, a player's seniority, so that it is very probable that a user have many negative votes and his/her reputation is not affected.

To avoid massive voting, the votes are limited to 8 each 24 hours.

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