Guide to the game screen (new platform)

(1) Tables (2) Tabs and list of players (3) Chat (4) Space to write
Click on play to sit at a table. Click on the options icon   of any tables to see how the game is set up.

            Empty seat to play.
            The table is private. You can only play if the master invites you.
            You cannot take a seat because you do not fulfill some of the requirements to play (for example, you do not have enough game chips).
            One of the players has left the game or has lost connection. A robot is substituting.
        2. Tabs and list of players

The tabs on the superior part can be used to select the different kinds of chat (room, table, etc.).
On the settings  tab you can personalise the interface, such as the sound, the colors, if you want to receive invitations to play, if you want to see the messages from the system on the chat, etc.
When clicking on a player in the list of players  a drop-down menu will be opened:
Click on the first field (name and avatar) and a new window will open with the player profile.
    Invite to play. if you are the master, you can invite them to play at your table.
    Kick player. If you are the master, you can  kick a player from the table, only if the game hasn?t started yet.
    Play at their table. This option appears when there?s a free gap to play at the table of the player.
    Add as friend. Send and invitation to the player so they can be your friend
    Add to blacklist. Add this player to your blacklist so that they stop bothering you
    Private chat. Begin a private chat with the player.
    I like/ don?t like to play with him. Indicate if you prefer to play with this player or not. It affects your reputation.
    Report player. Used to notify when a player cheats in the games or uses offensive language and insults on the chat.
3. Chat
Write in the field below the chat and click ENTER ? to send a message.
Opens the dialogue to choose an emoticon for the chat.

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